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Summary Json from HTML Input to FM Server

New Development

Tax Summary


Stage 1 Basic Taxayer Details
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6

No Yes

Service Required

For Tax Year Date/Time  


Occupation Role


Members Entry Only?


Q6 Do You have a spouse /defacto Yes No
Spouses Surname Spouse First Name Spouse Middle Name Spouse DOB Taxable Income No Dependants
Spouse for full year ?- Yes No Start Date Spouse  


My DOB My TFN ( No spaces Pls )

 Bank Account Details for Refund


Employer1 Salary1= Allow1 = Payg1= Super1 = RFBT1=
Employer2 Salary2 = Allow2 = Payg2= Super2 = RFBT2=

I10-11-Bank/Share Income

Interest = Unfranked = franked = Imp Credit =

TFN Taxes Deducted Bank & Share Accounts

Bank TFN = Share TFN = Other TFN =   Total TFN =

Various Tax component totals

Total Allow = Total PAYGTax = Total Super = Total RBFT =
D1-ATO Set Rate Per km
(up to 5,000 kms)
Note: Car Fleet Leasing is already built into ATO rate of 0.66Cents/km Enter total Kms here >
Sub Total D2 Travel:
Sub Total D3 Clothing Uniform :
Sub Total D4SelfEd :
  Sub Total D5.1-D5.5 :
Sub Total D5.7-D5.10 :
D5.12 Mobile Used for Work Purposes- Mobile Monthly Plan Cost x 12 Months Mobile Usage %   Mobile Claimed For Work
D5.13 Internet Used for Work Purposes Internet Monthly Plan Cost x 12 Months Internet Usage %   Internet Claimed For Work
Capital Items >$300

Non Work Deductions

Sub Total D9/D10/D15 Deductions :

Grand Total Deductions


Income from all sources


Bottom Line Summary Results


            Note to accountants

Submit buttons need to email form/sms & send json ouput to server at mitcham

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